FisheyeBrooklyn is the ceramic studio of Kim Gilmour. Kim's inspiration for her pottery comes from the beautiful imperfections she observes in the natural world. She takes a lot of motivation from the naturally diverse worlds of leaves, flowers, and shells. They are beautifully imperfect shapes, textures, and colors. "I love the feel of clay, its pliability, and how it can be manipulated into a variety of shapes and forms. The unpredictability and permutations of clay are always a pleasant surprise to me."  

Kim's work is either hand-built, thrown on an electric wheel, or a combination of both. It demonstrates a combination of love for traditional form and study, as well as a unique and interpretive eye for design. Her pieces are organic and abstract pieces of art, but they are also completely functional pieces of pottery. 

Kim lives and works in Brooklyn, NY. 

Contact Kim for custom orders, wholesale inquiries, or for further information.